Graham Decompression Scissors

Features / Benefits

  • Revolutionary new design. Blunt extension gently lifts offending tissue to allow accurate transection of soft tissues.
  • Ideal for carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel and intermetatarsal neurolysis, as well as tendon sheath dissection.
  • Blade edges are “super-cut” to ensure long-lasting use.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • United States patent pending.
  • Set of three includes – straight, right curve and left curve

Graham Decompression Scissors

Graham Decommpression Scissors are used for delicate dissection and cutting. These scissors have long handles and small, sharp blades with variable tip styles. The long handles allow the surgeon to have an adequate grip and control while dissecting or cutting in small or narrow areas.

Not available in all countries, Canada or Europe

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