Joseph Picciotti, DPM testimonial

So far, we have done about three dozen of the surgical procedures on children from around the world.

  • Name: Joseph Picciotti, DPM
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  • Location: N/A

My name is Joseph Picciotti.  I am a podiatric surgeon.  I am involved with a center called The Family Hope Center.  It is an international center for the treatment and development of brain injured children.  These children have special needs.  About nine years ago, I was introduced to Matthew Newell, who is the director of The Family Hope Center.  We had several discussions and it was an opportunity presented to me to become an associate of the center.  We are helping children with special needs to improve their, their life so to speak.

A few years ago HyProCure® came to my attention at one of our local seminars and I thought that it would be extremely beneficial for some of the children with such diseases as Cerebral Palsy because of their awkward gait.  We had one of the representatives from GraMedica come to the Family Hope Center to do a little presentation for the entire team.  We all were extremely excited about the possibilities of this new surgical procedure improving the lives of some of these children.

So far, we have done about three dozen of the surgical procedures on children from around the world.  From places like Norway, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and some from our own country.  It has been extremely beneficial for a number of these children.  And a great example is, I did a little girl from Austria about six or eight months ago, who could barely stand.  About a month ago, I got a video of her snow skiing.  Her advancement had gotten that, that much better.  It also seems that for some reason when we improved the structure of their foot, they improve neurologically.  It gives them a whole new approach to what they are doing with the other components of the Family Hope Center technique.  And, they have jumped numerous percentage points in their neurological development after the surgery procedure.  So it has been extremely rewarding and beneficial for a number of families.

For the Family Hope Center, for me in particular, to be able to offer this to the children has been, so rewarding and so fantastic.  And, I thank GraMedica for the development of HyProCure®. The biggest advantage that we find with HyProCure for these kids is that I can do the procedure under local anesthesia.  General anesthesia is contraindicated in most of these kids.  The fact that I can do it under local anesthesia with minimal risk, minimal invasively, and the postoperative care is extremely easy, is what I think sold The Family Hope Center on the technique.

We do the procedure under local anesthesia, as suggested by GraMedica, with no sedation. The postoperative care, because of their neurological impairments, I keep them not weight bearing for three weeks.  And then we start them on a program of physical therapy and development.  And hopefully get them to the point where if they were not walking they can walk, or if they are walking we can improve their gait.


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