Klinika, szpital ortopedyczny ORTOPEDIKA Warszawa

Warsaw, Poland


  • Address: ul. Modlińska 310/312 03-152 Warszawa (na terenie Fortu Piontek)
  • Location: Poland
  • Phone: +48 (22) 510 26 60
  • Website: www.ortopedika.pl

Doctor: Robert Świerczyński, MD (orthopedic surgeon with second degree of specialization in the field of sports medicine, orthopedics and traumatology)

ORTOPEDIKA is a private hospital located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. With modern surgical and rehabilitation equipment, mandatory trainings, and a monitored, internationally experienced professional staff, ORTOPEDIKA offers the most innovative and globally approved methods of treating Orthopaedic ailments, and in particular, foot surgery.

ORTOPEDIKA has been using HyProCure® stents since 2010 and remains one of the most experienced centres in Europe. Foot surgery, including the HyProCure® procedure, at ORTOPEDIKA is performed by dr. n. med. Robert Świerczyński. Dr. Świerczyński has been using HyProCure® for two years and has performed 150 – 200 surgeries.