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Patients Success Stories

HyProCure is an evidence-based, innovative solution that has provided lasting results for thousands of people with misaligned feet or hyperpronation. HyProCure specialists in the United States and around the world are hearing stories from their patients how HyProCure has changed their lives.

Physician Endorsement

HyProCure is an evidence-based, innovative product that has provided a lasting solution for nearly 60,000 patients around the world who chose HyProCure as the solution to fix their misaligned feet. HyProCure surgeons continually witness how HyProCure has positively changed their patients’ lives. Please watch this video to hear stories from HyProCure surgeons on how HyProCure is changing the lives of their patients of all ages, one step at a time.

Published Studies

Overview of Published Peer-Reviewed Articles on HyProCure

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