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HyProCure is an evidence-based, innovative product that has provided a lasting solution for nearly 60,000 patients around the world who chose HyProCure as the solution to fix their misaligned feet. HyProCure surgeons continually witness how HyProCure has positively changed their patients’ lives. Please watch this video to hear stories from HyProCure surgeons on how HyProCure is changing the lives of their patients of all ages, one step at a time.

I’ve been able to use HyProCure to replace more radical surgeries.

Prior to HyProCure, my patients required major reconstructive surgery to correct the things I’m now doing with HyProCure alone. It’s a quick, minimally invasive procedure that only takes about 15 minutes.

The thing that really sold me on HyProCure was the first patient I had. She had tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, a flexible bunion and a flexible hammertoe. I was going to do many procedures to correct this, but Dr. Graham convinced me to try HyProCure by itself first. Following the procedure, all of patient’s symptoms resolved! She was so thrilled that she convinced to do her other foot as well.

See Dr. Klein’s video here.

Barry Klein DPM

HyProCure has been amazing in the way it lets me help my patients.

HyProCure has been an unbelievable addition to my practice; I’ve been using it for about three years. I am part of an international center for the treatment of brain injured children. These children’s neurological problems frequently result in talotarsal dislocation. Because HyProCure is minimally invasive and can be done under local anesthesia, it offers me the ability to do procedure in the office operating room where a family member can be with the child and keep them calm. It has been unbelievably beneficial to the child and family. After surgery and recovery, I’ve heard from grateful parents whose child could now walk for the first time. For instance, I Skyped with a young man’s mother who was in tears of joy because her son had walked into the kitchen to give her a hug when he had never been able to walk independently before. HyProCure has just been an amazing addition to what I can offer my patients. See Dr. Picciotti’s video here.
Joseph Picciotti DPM

After 35 years in practice, HyProcure makes it possible for me to offer a new solution for patient symptoms.

HyProCure opens a whole new avenue of corrective treatments for patients with abnormal pronation and talotarsal displacement. Prior to this, we could offer orthotics to try and control hyperpronation, but now we can actually correct the displacement. I’m very excited that after 35 years in medicine, I am able to offer my patients something new that can actually help relieve a lot of their symptoms.” See Dr. Kuhlan’s video here.
Darlene Kuhlan DPM

As a Surgeon, HyProCure is a Perfect, Magical Solution!

On today’s Happy Feet Radio Show, I want talk about a little known procedure called HyProCure. HyProCure can literally change your quality of life by ending suffering from foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain due to misaligned feet. As the feet are the foundation of the body, when they are realigned, the rest of the body is realigned as well. Orthotics can help, but they are not a total fix. HyProCure is the modern, cutting edge answer to many lower body pains. It’s a minimally invasive procedure that only takes about 15-20 minutes. Don’t take pills to mask the pain, take steps to end your suffering with a foot evaluation to see if HyProCure can help. There is hope! I’m committed to helping you get healthy, happy, pain-free feet. Listen to the entire podcast here via ITunes.
Anthony Weinert DPM

HyProCure Is A Gift . . .

I wanted to share that a recent 10-year old patient of mine has now had two HyProCure procedures. Just two weeks after the second stent, she is running and playing with a scooter, all without pain! Thank you again for the wonderful gift you have given both our patients and our doctors.
Joel Chariton, DPM

If it worked for the doctor, maybe it’s right for you!

I choose HyProCure for my patients because it worked so well for me. Three months after my HyProCure procedure, I was able to return to distance running, tennis and basketball as well as playing with my kids. When I recommend the procedure to patients, I think it’s valuable to them that I know what it feels like to go through. Not to mention, I’m a success story – if it worked for the doctor, maybe it’s right for you.”
Mark Jones, DPM

I have been using HyProCure for about 2 years now.

HyProCure was introduced in Ecuador about 2 and half years ago. We are actively using it in both our private and public practice with much success. I use HyProCure on patients starting at 7-8 years of age depending on the child and I have used HyProCure on patients as old as 24 years old and have had good results. We do not cast our patients after the procedure we have them walk immediately on their feet. Previously, we used a biodegradable screw and put a cast on. Now we use just a bandage and this makes the procedure and the recovery more comfortable for the patient. We received training in Quito with Dr. Goez where we were able to share our experiences with HyProCure. We have not had any technical issues with the implant and will continue to use HyProCure in our practice.
Dr. Hernán Abad Palacios, MD (Ecuador)

I am a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, my practice, Hueso Chico is in Puerto Rico.

I started using HyProCure after I attended the GraMedica training course last year. I have had very good results; especially with patients who come in with flat feet problems, which is the majority of my patients. HyProCure has been an important and powerful tool that has been very useful in the treatment of my patients and my practice.
Onix Reyes Martínez, MD (Puerto Rico)

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